Our Team

Each member of our team is a specialist in his/her field. We take pride in our ideas and passionate energy to make sure it is done to your satisfaction.

image of face and AR VR face

Lead Strategist: Jennifer Bagwell

Founder with over 15 years working as an online digital marketing and virtual worlds (meta) strategist, Jennifer Bagwell has helped define and developer what a Full-Stack digital marketer is. She has continued to look forward and evolve. Some may say she has lived half her life online. Her first company and online virtual world venture was published and featured in many books, blogs, magazines, and news. Jennifer has continued to learn and grow with the constantly changing online world dynamics.

Senior Graphics Artist &
Communications & Community Manager:
Megan Lottman

How do you stop being your own worst critic? You have someone else write up your team profile description. Finishing this fall from SCAD, Megan has proven, that if there is something she wants to create, there’s nothing that will stop her. She has specialized in a variety of artist mediums, allowing her to create her hearts desire.