Artist Alley

Graphic Arts Association – Graphic Novel

“Galactic Axolotls” produced by members of our college club. During this two-year project, each student created a character complete with bio and model sheets. They shared the characters with each other and each person wrote and illustrated a story about the characters. This unique collaborative project will be professionally printed using money the students have raised by doing commissioned art at various events in the St. Louis Metro area.

“Death’s Day Off”

Project:  Ad-Lib Animation

“What the Grim Reaper does on his day off.”

Animator:  Megan O’Loughlin

Voice Actor:  Christina Lohe

Year:  Spring 2015

Notes:  In this collaborative project each animator was partnered with a Radio Production student.  The two-person teams chose a prompt then headed into the recording studio where the voice actor improvised lines based on the prompt.  The animator then took that audio track and created an animation inspired by the audio.